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Thursday, 25.7.2024
Company Overview
  • Regional presence – BAC Securities (BAC IP EAD or Balkan Advisory Company) and BAC Romania Investment Banking has long-established regional presence with an unmatched combined track record in former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland across asset classes and various types of services and advisory activities; BAC IP is quoted many times in the Financial Times, IFR and Euroweek Magazines
  • Wide range of services offered on a regional scale – offered services range from brokerage and real estate management through M&A and Equity/Debt Capital Markets transactions advisory and execution to credit rating advisory, hedging solutions advisory, balance sheet restructuring, etc.
  • trong deal structuring capacity Seasoned senior staff with long experience in London/New York City with strong regional background and connections; Extensive track record across a wide field of products and services; BAC Securities follows an individualized approach to its clients, following the best industry practices to protect clients’ interests within a changing regulatory environment, providing specifically tailored solutions, supporting them throughout all stages of a project, be it debt or equity capital raising, credit rating assignment process, balance sheet restructuring or a hedging solution, starting from a transaction ’s structuring, through marketing documentation and investors’/counterparties’ communication to deal closure and execution; Strong analytical capacity – modeling, forecasting and valuation across asset classes, M&A/Debt/Equity Market transactions, sectors and client types; BAC IP is familiar with the three biggest rating agencies: “Standard & Poor’s”, “Moody’s”, “FITCH” and worked as a rating advisor to many Balkan companies since early 2000s, two Balkans banks, one municipality
  • Strong distribution capacity – BAC IP knows well and has worked through the years with more than 30 prominent institutional portfolio investors more than a dozen of leading private equity funds in CEE and the UK and quite a few credit funds from Poland, the UK and the USA, BAC IP is a direct member of the Bulgarian and Bucharest Stock Exchanges and an IPO Partner of the WSE; BAC Securities has long-term co-operation with world leading investment banks and institutional investors to the benefit of its clients
  • BAC IP has been amongst the pioneering investment banking boutiques in our region – first Bulgaria EMTN programme and one of the first two Romanian EMTN programmes, one of the first two Bulgarian dual listings on the WSE; one of the first corporate bonds in Bulgaria, etc.
  • BAC IP and BAC RIB have always strived to offer competitive pricing for the individualized approach it has to its customers;
  • One of BAC IP’s major areas of support to its clients has been their financial instruments’ pricing and liquidity.
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